Powder Coating Line for Aluminum Profile Extrusions: EX-484

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Manufacture: - Papayannakis & ITW Gema - New in 2001 Control unit: Year: 2001 Manufacturer: ITW Gema Components: Locking control module OptiMaster-2 (type CM02) Fluidizing unit OptiPlus A Gun control unit OptiTronic (type CG02) Fresh powder control OptiPlus-P1 (type CP01) Pulver Tube Feeder (OptiPlus C1 and C2) Lifting device control OptiMove 1 for AC or DC lifting devices Cabin "White" Powder center and powder guns: Year: 2001 Manufacturer: Papayannakis / ITW Gema Powder center: External dimensions: 1560 x 1850 x 3280 mm Internal dimensions: 1480 x 1000 x 2450 mm Powder container (double) New sonde Fresh powder system FPS 10 Vortex screen type E 360 (manufacturer AZO) Lifting equipment ACR -Automatic powder gun PG 2-A, PL 3 Powder injector Powder Storage Container Capacity: 400 - 450 kg Automatic White Powder Coating Booth Year: 2001 Manufacturer: Papayannakis Specifications: Steel cabin Integrated filter and squeegee unit External dimensions: 5880 x 3660 x 3530 mm Internal dimensions: 5000 x 1400 x 2720 mm -Height height: 2200 mm -Electric power: 19.0 kW Gun assembly: 16 pistols, arranged vertically -2 filter motors: 7.4 kW, 2900 1 / min Powder Center with Integrated Color Coating Booth Year – 2011 Mfr – KiGO Plastic cabin Mono cyclone After filter Curing Oven Year: 2001 Manufacturer: Papayannakis Specifications: -Thermal energy consumption: 2 * 348.7 kW / h -Electric power: 18.6 kW -Max. Gelling temperature: 220 ° C External dimensions: 7175 x 2620 x 3500 mm Inner dimensions: 6875 x 1400 x 2990 mm -7 fans (1.5 kW, 1400 rpm) -Fuel: Nat. gas Useful content: 10 + 2 rows of bars Dry-off Oven Year: 2001 Manufacturer: Papayannakis Specifications: -Thermal energy requirement: 232.4 kW / h -Electric power: 4.1 kW -Max. Gelling temperature: 100 ° C External dimensions: 10300 x 1350 x 2700 mm Internal dimensions: 7600 x 1150 x 1990 mm -2 fans (1.5 kW, 1400 rpm) -Fuel: Nat. gas Waste Water Treatment Year: 2002 Manufacturer: Aqua plus Technical data: 3 cubic m/hr components: Collection and pumping station Charging station After treatment Ion exchange unit Chemical supply Air Exhaust system: dehumidifiers, air washers, heat exchangers, centrifugal and axial fans Pretreatment Section 8 tanks: chemical etch, degreasing, rinsing, chromate, rinsing Dimensions: 8000 x 900 x 1500 mm Sold "as is, where is" EXW plant foundation. from Phipps Co. equipment suppliers USA


Stock NumberEX-484