What We Do:

HE Phipps Co. Inc. (also known as Phipps Company) engages in the sale of equipment that processes metals.  Our primary area is aluminum but we have sold steel, copper, brass, and lead processing equipment....

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Sales Successes:

To acquaint you with our varied Worldwide Aluminum Process Equipment Sales, the following are some of our successful  projects.  The counts are as of May 2014....


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Our Services Include:

  • International Sales of Your Idled or Surplus Equipment
  • Sourcing Equipment for the Needs of Your Operation/Plant
  • Exclusive Sales Agreements
  • Consulting (optimize metal recovery, etc.)
  • Dismantling
  • Export Packing
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Reinstallation, Start-up, and Training (through our network of Aluminum Industry Personnel worldwide)
  • Sales Representation for several high quality OEM’s (see our new equipment link).

Sales References:

Here is a list of Countries we have sold equipment to. Our Clients’ privacy prevents us from detailing what equipment  was sold where but you get the idea … we have been fairly busy.

Canada Austria France
USA China Wales
Mexico Korea England
Puerto Rico Thailand Germany
Brazil Indonesia Switzerland
Argentina India Spain
Nigeria Kenya Pakistan
Turkey South Africa U.A.E.
Italy Poland Romania

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