NEW Aluminum Dross Recovery Systems: MC-375

NEW Aluminum Dross Recovery Systems: MC-375

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NEW Aluminum Dross Recovery Systems: MC-375 Manufacturer: - Sanwa (Japan) Model: - "ARS" (Aluminum Recovery Systems) - Different capacity systems based on your needs System Design: STEP ONE ... STIR THE DROSS - Skim dross from furnace into specially designed dross pots - ROTARY STIR the dross to release 90% of the aluminum STEP TWO ... COOL THE DROSS - Transfer dross residue to the SUPER COOLER - Temperature reduction from 122 deg C down to 50 deg C - Minimizes oxidation of the residual aluminum and allows for screening STEP THREE ...SCREEN THE DROSS - SCREEN the residue into fine, medium, and coarse grain material. Benefits: - Step One alone provides very fast ROI - Step Two cools for easy handling and screening - Step Three gives you products that can eliminate landfill disposal: 1. De-ox for steel plants 2. Pavement additives for asphalt plants 3. Cement additives for cement plants - Advanced PLC control - Dust collection for environmental concerns - Process time is only 10 minutes - System manpower requirement = only one man ! Sold New with all warranties. Please contact us so we can determine your needs and provide a quote. from Phipps Co. equipment suppliers USA


ModelARS Dross Recovery System
Stock NumberMC-375
TypeMelting/Casting, Dross Equipment
StatusFor Sale