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HE Phipps Co. Inc. (also known as Phipps Company) engages in sales of equipment that processes metals.  Our primary area is aluminum but we have sold steel, copper, brass, and lead processing equipment. We specialize in all forms of molten metal casting – and - coil coating but we have expertise in all areas of aluminum melting, casting, and processing.  We also contract the occasional consulting and metal trade project. We offer New and Used Equipment in any of the categories below.  We also desire the opportunity to sell your surplus or idled equipment.

  • Complete coil coating or paint lines
  • Coil coating components like coaters
  • Behlen strip joiners, tension levelers, embossers
  • Cut-to-Length Lines
  • Embossing lines, embosser stands, embosser rolls
  • Profile Extrusion log or billet casters, extrusion presses, extrusion profile anodizing, extrusion profile painting, extrusion profile saws
  • Foil mills, foil slitter/separators, foil printers, foil embossers, foil laminators, foil spoolers, foil texturizers
  • Conform extrusion lines
  • Impact Extrusion slug casting lines, impact extrusion aerosol lines, impact extrusion tube lines, impact extrusion presses, Herlan presses, Schuler presses, impact extrusion base coaters, impact extrusion topcoat decorator coaters, impact extrusion neckers
  • Melting furnaces reverb
  • Melting furnaces tilting rotary, molten metal Degassing and filtration, aluminum Dross management equipment
  • Continuous strip casters, Lauener block casters, Hazelett belt casters, direct chill vertical slab casting, direct chill vertical log casting, de-ox cone and shot casters
  • Scrap preparation equipment such as magnetic separators, eddy-current separators, shredders
  • Miscellaneous: uncoiler, recoiler, crop shear, rotary shear, levelers/flatteners, heat treat, wheel, circle blanking
  • Roll Forming lines, aluminum tube lines, Polyurethane composite sandwich panel lines
  • Roll Grinders for rolling mill rolls
  • Cold rolling mills, hot rolling mills, 2-Hi rolling mills, 4-Hi rolling mills, reversing rolling mills, tandem rolling mills, temper rolling mills, Rod rolling mills, Sendzimir Z-mill rolling mills, rolling mills spools or sleeves
  • Slab Scalpers
  • Slitting: lines and components
  • Steel rolling mills, steel melting furnaces, steel galvanizing lines
  • Tension Leveling lines, Tension Leveling bridle sections, Tension Leveling flex-roll sections. 
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