Rebuilt Tardis Model 1062 Twin-Ram Dross Press: MC-413

$125,000 (USD)

orCall 1-336-597-2370


- Tardis Model 1062
- Rebuilt 2019

Design / Type:
- Twin hydraulic pressing rams
- "Snuffing head" = non-rocking to best handle hot dross

Included in this Rebuild
- Press housing
- 2 hydraulic rams
- Forced-air cooled press head
- Fully-closing safety doors
- Emergency stop button
- Electrical supply connections to local requirements

Drain Pan/Sow Mold Sets:
- Three (3) NEW HEAVY DUTY sets included
- Sow Mold Capacity: 450 kg each / 992 lbs
- Pan/Mold Stacked Height: 910 mm / 35.83"
- Sow Mold Size: 1580 mm wide x 650 mm deep (62.2" wide x 25.6" deep)

One (1) Ceramic Fume Filter

Tool Kit with 20+ pieces

Manual: Included, in English

Release Agent:
- 50 kg of lubricant agent for coating the press head between pressings (to prevent sticking)
- Spray gun included for easy application.

Notes / Conditions / Details:
- This is a used unit that will be thoroughly reconditioned by the original manufacturer (see below)
- Sold EXW reconditioned with 3-month warranty
- 18-20 weeks lead time required
- 25% deposit required with order
- Balance when shipped
- Five (5) days included for on-site installation, commissioning and training!!!
- One (1) Engineer expenses Not Included (flight, per diem hotel and food)
- Shipping/freight Not Included but can be included in the final quotation
- Very effective metal recovery
- NO oxidation
- Compact design for minimal footprint
- This model used in some of the largest aluminium melting facilities

Reconditioning Work
1) Recondition Main Rams
2) Test Motor and Pump, change if necessary
3) Change all hydraulic pipework
4) New Oil Cooler
5) New Ceramic Filter Plant and Fan
6) Recondition Press Head and supply with new head also
7) Recondition and sand blast main Tardis frame
8) Recondition and sand blast hydraulic tank
9) New Electrics completely
10) New software
11) Three New Pots and Stands
12) All new signs
13) Machine sprayed with high temperature paint
14) Valve block fully tested and reconditioned, all cartridges changed


Stock NumberMC-413