2019 Altus Engineering Patented Molten Metal Recirculating and Transfer System: MC-443 Molten Metal Pumps

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PLEASE SEE ATTACHED BROCHURE FOR FULL DETAILS. FEATURES: POSTS: - Patented "Twist-Lock" system - Installs very simply ... just lift, insert and twist - No mortar, pins or springs required! - The post's socket design + tapered tops SELF-ALIGN for easy installation. IMPELLER / SHAFT: - The impeller & shaft arrives assembled and service ready. NO ASSEMBLY OR BAKE-OUT required - The patented Impeller shaft couples with a driver pin that makes the connection quick and simple while still allowing the shaft to hang freely to reduce binding of the shaft - The impeller-shaft connection is threaded and "splined" to eliminate sheer force between the impeller & shaft. This greatly reduces impeller-shaft failures. - Patented: Rock Shield Impeller design reduces rocks and solids from being ingested into the pump base. - Larger openings in the impeller and base allow rocks and solids to pass through ... which greatly reduces pump plugs and jams. - Due to this design feature, there is more consistent metal flow that allows the pump to operate at lower RPM without loosing flow-through capacity and at the same time reducing pump wear. SHAFT / POST: - The Shaft and Post service life is extended multiple times from the Patented composite sleeve. With the sleeve; erosion, oxidation and mechanical impact are substantially reduced while adding strength to the system. COOLING: - Air cooled cowling cools and protects the motor and components from dust and debris. - Benefits: Reduced maintenance, reduced downtime, reduced replacement costs, increased efficiency, and lower operating cost! Please inquire for more detail and a quotation.!


ManufacturerAltus Engineering Patented Molten Metal Recirculating and Transfer System: MC-443
ModelMolten Metal Pumps
Stock NumberMC-443